Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Garden Party

Summer has been here for 59 days now, and it has been a very pleasant one, 
but it is finally showing its true colors with a few sultry days.

While everyone is trying to cool off...

a young female cardinal wonders what's going on in the flowerbed.  

It's a party, of course.  
The Salvia and Rosemary have sent out fragrant invitations on the breeze to the butterflies and hummingbirds:

You're invited to a garden party.
Refreshments will be served as the nectar lasts.
Please wear your dazzling colors.

And so they have come, dressed in their finery.  

When the party began,
 the rosemary flowers were all standing straight as soldiers at Buckingham Palace 
and forgot to bend a few stems for the hummingbirds to perch on.  
Fortunately, there was some thin, rusty wire in the shop that worked for seating.

If you build it, they will come.

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Thanks to Kim Klassen for her texture Cecile on the first image.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I Love Sunflowers

It's sunflower season, and I love sunflowers.

I love the magic encased in their spiky packages,

and how their petals unfurl...

and turn toward the sun, catching its fire.

I love the way the little stars of pollen appear and multiply...

sprinkling out stardust like parmesan cheese on a pizza.

I love the way they adorn an evening table...

the gentle curve of their leaves...

the graceful arch of their stems and the stiff white hairs that cover them.

I love sunflowers, but more than that, so much more,

I love the One who made them,

who also made the stars,

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First published on 9/12/11