Sunday, July 29, 2012

Trumpet Players

It's another hot morning, and I'm out early watering the flowers. 

The trumpet vine catches my attention; 

as the first rays of sunlight illuminate its blossoms, 

it attracts a crowd of small creatures.

Into these miniature versions of a McDonald's play station, 

hummingbirds plunge and drink deeply, wrapped in orange light.

 There's a quiet resting place for the chipping sparrow...  

...but the carpenter bee heads straight into the blossom to do its job.

I count off a full 10 seconds before it emerges. 

It must be loath to come out, enveloped in that happy color, but it has more work to do. 

 On its fuzzy coat, it carries pollen to the next brilliant blossom, 

while honoring the One who taught it to do so.

Water splashes by my feet; I move the garden hose, 

and with the small creatures, I whisper my thanks.

Praise the Lord from the earth...

small creatures and flying birds...

Psalm 148:7, 10

Thanks to Kim Klassen for her lovely texture Elevate.

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