Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pileated Berry Breakfast

The light outside has been dim lately, the sky and land painted in various shades of gray. 
Bright spots of red add a finishing touch to the scene, where dogwood berries, 
still clinging to the trees, serve as beacons to the wildlife. 

A pileated woodpecker came back yesterday morning for a berry breakfast.  

They are imposing birds, about the size of a crow, 
but with more color, and none of the irritating habits.  
We see them here occasionally. 
Their loud, distinctive call and undulating flight 
capture our attention as they pass by, 
but this was a rare opportunity to watch one up close.

The regal appearance this species makes is, we think, 
very fitting for the largest known surviving member of the woodpecker family.

The larger Ivory-billed Woodpecker is probably extinct, 
although if any of you have seen one lately, we hope you'll post it on your blog.
: )

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