Sunday, April 25, 2010

Waterfall Hollow

This morning the air was cool and clean from recent rains, and Barley was feeling his oats on his morning walk.  A creek had appeared overnight in the hollow and was humming to itself as it meandered down to the lake.  Barley romped in and out of the water for a few minutes, then found a new scent to trail and made his way up the side of the hill like a mountain goat.  

On the way back we stopped by Waterfall Hollow.  Actually, that's my name for it; Don considers it a grand overstatement, since it flows only briefly, and then only after a hard rain, but in spite of that, the designation has stuck.  Three weeks ago we had 2 inches of rain after a series of smaller rains. The ground was saturated, and I like to think the resulting waterfall legitimates the name.  Now Don's thinking about selling tickets for a walk down Waterfall Hollow.  Seasonally, of course.

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