Sunday, June 6, 2010


 I love watching bugs. 

Today a Japanese ladybug with a shiny new paint job raced up and down the stem of a plant and out each opposite leaf, looking for a snack. 

Dragonflies circled over the pond like planes in a holding pattern over O'Hare on a Friday afternoon.

At the moment, my favorite insects are the Carpenter Bees, those teddy bears of the insect world. They've been busy gathering the last drops of nectar from the Lamb's Ear blossoms, and pollinating the Sage and Catmint, but what I imagine they enjoy the most are their wild rides on the White Clover. 

A Carpenter Bee can be nearly twice the size of a White Clover blossom, and when they first mount one, it dips down low to the ground on its springy stem, then, like a bucking bronco, gives them a good ride, bobbing up and down, and side to side. I've never seen a bee bucked off, and when they dismount, the clover springs back upright, ready for the next rider.

I'll keep watching. One could do worse than be a watcher of bugs.

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