Thursday, June 24, 2010

Daylily Deer

Earlier this month, we enjoyed a pretty good patch of daylilies.  Then, one morning recently, they were gone, which wasn't a big surprise.  The deer love them.  Since then, a few more have bloomed, and so far there's only one old doe in the group here who's bold enough to take them in the daylight.  The other morning when she was getting too close to the patch, I decided to walk out the door to scare her off.  My presence didn't faze her, so I said, "No, those are not for you!  Go away, get out of here!  Shoo!"  She just stood there.  Then I clapped, and she ran.  Who would have thought that a bold deer such as she would be embarrassed by applause and leave the stage?  
Later, I made a deal with myself.  We've enjoyed those flowers long enough.  I'd be willing to exchange a few daylilies for a few photos.  So here they are.  They'll be back next year.

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