Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Morning Exercise

101 degrees today.  We've had temperatures in the nineties for longer than I can remember (actually about 2 weeks) and it feels more like August than the end of June. Barley and I frequently walk to the lake in the mornings, where I throw his stick and he makes a Golden Retrieve (after all...), but lately even the lake is getting too warm for his taste.  This morning, out the front door, Barley picks up the stick and trots along beside me, but by the time we get across the highway and start down the hill to the lake, he balks.  In his eyes I see a reflection of my own thoughts.  Wouldn't it be nicer just laying around today?  But the leash goes back on, and by the time we get to the lake he's eager to swim.  Afterwards, he carries the stick back up the hill and we're both glad we went.

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