Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who Knows?

Afternoon showers popped up last Friday and Saturday and a thunderstorm blew in Sunday evening.  Laying in bed listening to the rain, I thought about all the things that would profit from the deluge.  A while back, Don and I had planted some small cedars as a living fence, and I could almost hear them growing in the night.  Wild blackberries are almost ripe, and they were in dire need of some rain for a good crop. Raspberries, just starting to blossom, drank deeply, and the frogs happily moved to new territory.  Come to think of it, they've been absent from my flower bed, having found water elsewhere.  Ponds filled again, and the deer and turkey and rabbits will appreciate the growth that results from this rainy weekend.  
But not everything benefitted from the storm.  Lightning struck Don's office for at least the fourth time in memory.  It fried the phone circuitry, some clocks and a keyboard, and blasted off the top off of a power pole behind the office that had been replaced only 3 weeks ago.  Don found chunks of that pole scattered more than 100 feet apart in 2 different directions.  Of course, it could have been much worse.
The night before, laying in bed listening to the rain, I had drifted off into a sweet sleep, without a thought about what the lightning would do.  And as it turned out, I think, that was just as well.  I'm reminded of the old gospel song,
Who knows, when the morning goes, 
What the day will hold at it's close?
All we can tell is that all is well
In the hand of the One who knows.

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