Tuesday, November 2, 2010


My father's mother, "Thomas Henry Klepper, was born in Rogersville, Missouri, to Robert Mallory Klepper and Sarah Elizabeth (Smith) Klepper, on September 3, 1886.

My grandfather has been on my mind more than usual lately, as I've come into possession of some photographs of him.  Two in particular arrested my attention.  They were personalized post cards, sent home to his sisters during World War I.  In the first mint condition postcard, he is a proud new recruit.  In the second post card, a grainy, tattered one, he stands with a buddy as a war weary veteran, longing for home.

Tom Klepper died when my mother was in high school, so I only know him through stories and pictures, but the love he gave to his family spilled over into mine, and I am grateful to be his granddaughter.

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Violet Lemay said...

Beautiful post, Connie. What a handsome young man.