Tuesday, December 28, 2010


To say that Don likes numbers would be the understatement of 2010.  His minor in college was math and he knows most of the phone numbers of the people he's called in the past 10 years (more or less).  This comes in handy in his real estate business.  When Don shows property, in addition to telling his clients about the history of the property and sharing antidotes about the neighborhood, he is also able to pass on pertinent information, such as:
  • the exact acreage
  • the percentage of land that is cleared and wooded
  • the miles of fencing
  • details concerning surface water (including ponds, creeks, and lake frontage)
  • square footage of the buildings, and and the year they were built
  • depth of the well 
  • annual property taxes
  • financing available
  • average annual rainfall and temperature
  • distance to town, to the lake, and to the national forest
All this without notes.  This surprises some people, but it doesn't surprise me, because, after being married to him for 8299 days, there are certain things I can just count on. Most people would say we've been married almost 23 years, but Don always knows how many days we've been married.  Don't worry, he factors in leap years.  They say opposites attract, and he is married to a woman who, on occasion, forgets her age (conveniently), or what time she told dinner guests to arrive (inconveniently).  The other day, Don told me that from 12/21/10 to 12/28/10 inclusive, the number of the days we've been married would sum to the day of the month.  I mention this today, because, for those of you who like numbers, this is the last time in a long time that you'll be able to celebrate this phenomena with us.  In the meantime, we're counting our blessings, and those, not even Don can number.

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