Friday, March 4, 2011

King George

Wednesday, Don and I took a trek to Springfield, Missouri, the largest city in our area, and made the requisite stops: Walmart, Sam's Club, and Bass Pro Shop.  At Bass Pro, between the Starbucks counter and the fishing department, was a large alligator in his own, specially designed enclosure, complete with a pond with waterfalls and a platform for "sunning".  I generally feel somewhat sorry for wild animals in captivity, but an employee there related that he was moved to Bass Pro from a much smaller enclosure.  They call him King George, and he did look regally happy, sprawled out on the platform, snoozing with a smile on his face. Then he woke up, and in all his reptile majesty, he winked at me!

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pens and needles said...

His highness appears to have it made in the shade--or sun, or whatever. Gotta love that smile!