Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Best Day

Last year, on a balmy, blue-sky spring day, Don and I had lunch at Cookies, a local restaurant.  On the way out, we chatted with our friend and proprietor, and she told us that in her opinion, that day was the best day of the year.  And when it comes to weather, she was probably right.

Today was one of those days, just possibly the best day of the year so far.  I had fully intended to work inside all day (a card deadline is looming) but on such a warm perfect Saturday, I could not resist the pull of the earth.  So instead, I spent a couple of pleasant hours outside in the afternoon, clearing leaves out of the flower beds.  At the bed under the old oak tree, a glance overhead confirmed that this would not be the last time.  A mass of last year's leaves still clings stubbornly to the tree, waiting for the new leaves to push them off.  I worked my way around the tree counterclockwise, reacquainting myself with old friends.

6:00  William Churchill daffodils are up about 8" already.  The blossoms, when they come, will be frilly white with a bright orange stigma, and a heady fragrance.

5:00-2:00  David phlox, just pushing out of the ground, have spread in this area.  Their white blossoms, on tall stems, are very mildew resistant, and the butterflies love them.

1:00  Honeysuckle, its proper name long forgotten, stretches up the tree.  This one has dark pink and yellow blossoms.

12:00-9:00  Lily of the Valley will appear here soon; one of them has poked its way out of the ground about 1/2".  Nothing can match their fragrance.

9:00-6:00  A variety of irises will brighten this niche.

Barley was planted in the sun in front of the garage, and we both listened as 2 hawks make wide circles around the house, calling loudly to each other.

When it comes to perfect days, I can't do anything about the weather, but there are things I can influence.  I find encouragement from an old Puritan prayer:

May I speak each word as if my last word, 
and walk each step as if my final one.   
If my life should end today, let this be my best day.

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pens and needles said...

I love that you know what KIND of daffs you have and what KIND of phlox.....I sure don't know that about mine. And I loved going around your bed with you. Most of all, I love the prayer at the end....have never heard it and have now copied and saved in my "best quotes" file...quoted from Connie, my friend who shared it with me.