Thursday, June 16, 2011

Forbidden Flowers

Don called me to the window before full light the other morning to point out the large doe that was helping herself to our daylilies.  Apparently she didn't mind the Deer Off that I had sprayed them with recently.  She had eaten about half of the tender new shoots, and didn't move when I first stepped out the door, but when I said "Hey!" in my sternest voice, she hurried off.  I've dubbed her Lily and it's impossible to get too mad at her, because if I had to choose between daylilies and deer, I would most certainly take the deer.

Then, late that evening, for the first time this year, a doe brought her twin fawns into the field near the house where we feed them.  They were tiny and stayed, for the most part, close to their mother, but one of them was quite intrigued with a gobbler that dwarfed them.  

Last night, while fireflies danced in the meadow, Don and I waited for the full moon to rise over the eastern hills.  When it first appeared, it was huge, and we both drew in our breath involuntarily.  Not far from us, in the dim light, stood 5 deer, and they were watching with us.  For such company, a few daylilies seem a very reasonable price.


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