Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Morning

Morning.  From my vantage point, early sun highlights the tree trunks.  Wild canaries' twitters overlays the pervasive song of the cicadas.  A new day, what a gift!  Breathe deeply, if you can, smile at someone you love, and if you're so inclined, write a poem about June and send it as a comment.  Here are 2 of mine:

Winds whisper in the trees
Mockingbirds sing melodies
Life's sweetest strains are songs like these.

Leave the moguls their fame
And kings their powers
I'll be content
Tending my flowers.


pens and needles said...

Morning's bright promise is a clarion call
To start afresh, to think anew, to savor it all.
A slate free of blemishes, the Father's gift to me--
How shall I use it, this day clear and free?

Each moment a treasure, each breath a pearl,
Lord, grant me your wisdom as the hours unfurl.
Let kindness and mercy form every word and deed
Toward those I encounter, whatever their need.

Make my heart grateful and my spirit serene,
As I walk through earth's garden, so lovely and green.
And at the evening, oh Father, help me to say...
This was such a good day, the very best day.

Anonymous said...

June has come, yet it's still Spring.
Flowers bloom, birds sing, wasps sting,
cicadas make your eardrums ring.

I watch the feeding hummer.
I must fish before summer!
But I'm at work! What a bummer!

Hawk Firewalker

Sharon said...

Sharon Hegwood

Spring has finally arrived. The long harsh winter is just a memory.
As I look around, I see signs of new life, fragile life to be sure...tender buds, fresh new grass and fledgling leaves.
But there's one tree that resists that new life. The Oak hangs on tightly to its crisp dead leaves. All winter it's gripped them tightly, hanging on to the summer past.
But new life has come! Let go! Let go!
The Oak is just like us. We may be afraid of tomorrow, so we hang tightly to yesterday.
We know yesterday.
We don't know tomorrow.
But with the Oak, when new buds arrive, the old dead leaves are pushed aside. They fall to the ground, so that new life can grow.
So it is with the child of God.
When Christ enters in, new life begins to grow.
The old cannot stay. Let go! Let go!
Loosen you grip. Let yesterday fall away.
Christ has brought new life, the old has passed away.

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.
The old has passed away, and all things have become new." II Cor. 5:17