Friday, July 15, 2011

David Phlox

A patch of white David phlox is blooming just outside our bedroom window.  It's such a beautiful and reliable plant: so far this year, the deer haven't touched it, and the butterflies can't get enough of the blossoms.

A note about the image: 
Thanks to Kim Klassen for her excellent texture tutorial:

and to Nadege
for putting me on to it!

I'm looking forward to doing more.  It seems to be a good way to combine photography with calligraphy and some ancient wisdom.



lisa said...

What beautiful work you did on an already beautiful photograph! Just fantastic Connie!

Pat said...

Such a lovely image!

jocodeane said...

That is a wonderfully successful edit.
My Phlox David or White Brigadier, I'm not usre of the name, is just about to come out too. Lovely plant and good year on year.