Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Need to Knead

It's morning, and the big pin oak in the front yard, nearly bereft of leaves, 
leans on the shoulder of the clouds, raises 1000 fingers to heaven, and sleeps 'til spring. 

By afternoon, 
dark clouds cover the sky 
and layer a gray texture 
over everything.
But it's cozy inside,
and I'm in my 
bread making mode, 
making my favorite recipe,
a wheat bread 
with garlic and herbs,
parsley, rosemary 
and oregano.

I like the kneading best, that gentle rhythm that starts with the hands 
and works its way down to the toes.  
"I've never had a runner's high, but I'd trade one any day for a kneader's high", 
I tell Don, who's standing by in the kitchen.  
"You're not the only one around here who kneads bread", Don said.  
"Uh-oh", I thought.  A statement like that usually precedes something slightly silly. 
 Sure enough, he had just composed a poem:

I've always needed bread,

Just simply knew I did,

I've had it in my head

Ever since I was a kid.

He fills in the rest later:

And then I told my wife,

And this is what she said,

"Let me lay down my knife

and I will knead your bread."

He never fails to make me smile.

Today I roll the dough out and bake it as flat bread, a thin, crispy bread 
like my ancestors in Norway and Sweden used to make to keep them through the winter, and cut it up into cracker size. Nearly any yeast bread recipe can be rolled out like this, and it keeps well, at least in theory.  We can never leave it alone long enough to tell.

Jesus answered,

"It is written: 'People do not live on bread alone, 

but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'"

Matthew 4:4

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  1. Lovely post- the bread looks great & an interesting process of kneading & poetry.

  2. Really interesting to see your photos and process of making the bread. And that first photo ? It just lifted me.

  3. Your bread looks absolutely delicious. I've got a break maker - not quite the same as making your own - but I love the taste and smell of fresh bread.
    Sounds like the perfect thing to do on a grey day!!!

  4. Yum! I love it thin and crispy!

  5. That looks so good.
    And the kitchen smells must have been worth it alone.

  6. What a wonderful post this is Connie, and I'm sure glad I'm not the only one who enjoys this process! I just kind of "get lost" while doing it, and it's a wonderful experience.

    Thank you so much for sharing at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a beautiful week ahead!


  7. That is beautiful connie, and love your words also. Have a blessed Thanksgiving! Jeanne

  8. What a fun poem! Your post made me feel very cozy! I have never made flatbread - looks delish!

  9. This looks really delicious! Such a wonderful post - and that poem made me smile, too! :-)

  10. Your flat bread looks yummy and your husband is delightful. V

  11. Visiting from "The Creative Exchange". Looks like you have alot to be thankful for this holiday..including one heck of a hubby!


  12. I twas so nice getting to read your descriptions along with the photos of your bread making. The end product looks so yummy. I love the way you rolled it out thinly and cut it cracker size. I am a bread maker, too, so this is really appealing to me. genie

  13. What a great idea. Must try this, although I doubt we'll have opportunity to test its keeping qualities either....

  14. What a beautiful post, Connie! The bread looks delightful, paired with your husband's humor, thoughtful Scripture and lovely photographs!

  15. Whenever I think of my wonderful visits to your house, your bread making stands out as at the top. Love to you and the Donald.


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