Monday, June 25, 2012

Finally, Fawns!

Of the seven does that frequent our surroundings, 
most of them were pregnant this year and have now dropped their fawns, 
but we've only caught glimpses of those small elusive creatures.  

Last week, late in the day, 
a tiny one made the mistake of getting in the way of the grownups' dinner.  
It was agile and quick, and stayed just out of reach of horns and hooves.

When it tired of the game, it found its mama, and they wandered off to the pond.

Last night, when the sun was low in the sky,
 one tiny spotted fawn appeared down the hill in the grass and Queen Anne's lace...  

... and browsed until its mother called.

Do you watch when the doe bears her fawn?

Do you count the months till they bear?

Do you know the time they give birth?

They crouch down and bring forth their young;

their labor pains are ended.

Their young thrive and grow strong in the wilds;

they leave and do not return.

Job 39:1-4


Amy Burzese said...

So beautiful. I worry about the deer here because it is so dry. Today I saw one wandering around the barn and I never see that. I know it was out of its usual path looking for water.

Jennifer Richardson said...

tears in my eyes
over this heartmelting beauty.
so grateful you shared!
glad, spotted thanks,

Lisa Gordon said...

Tears here too!
Connie, they are my favorite animals, and are simply so precious. You have captured them so beautifully.

Sandra said...

Beautiful deer and fawn images. I love the way you've captured the light!

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Gorgeous photos! Must be wonderful to watch the habits of the fawns and deers. The lighting in your photos is beautiful.

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Simply Amazing, His creation and you have shown these beautifully. I saw a Doe running with triplets 2 weeks ago yesterday. I had camera, but they were running scared and I made sure they got across 2 lane road, and forgot about any photo taking at that time;')~

Mama Zen said...

Oh, how precious!

heyBJK said...

Great pictures, Connie! The fawns are so cute!

HansHB said...

A great post, they are so cute.

Kusum said...

I truly love this post!

lina@happy family said...

Sweet photos of them. The 'bamby' looks cute.

Thanks for dropping by and sharing these beauties :)

Horst in Edmonton said...

Grace your photos are wonderful. Great job.

Carole M. said...

wonderful photos from nature's bounty

Seraphina´s Phantasie said...

Wonderful photos from the deer family. So lovely !

Marco Alpha said...

Hello Connie,
Wonderful pictures. Beautiful to see these deers in a quiet nature place.
I found Shot 3 very great with the young one between the high greem and a good light. Amazing to see!!

Many greetings,

Misty Dawn Seidel said...

What a spectacular post full of glorious photographs! How absolutely beautiful!

Pat said...

Poetic beauty! The deer are so beautiful and elegant, the fawns so precious.

NewMexiKen said...

Beautiful images and words

Jim said...

Terrific captures.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Antonio Puigg said...

Hola Connie,bonitas imagenes de estos cervidos con su cria.Un abrazo.