Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Lured by a Butterfly

Henbit in the Grass

Our wildflower meadow is a miniature one this time of year, with henbit, bluet and my favorite, 
Johnny-jump-up, scattered among the dormant grass.

Johnny-jump-up in the Grass

Here and there, a toothwort or rue anemone, at shoe height, tower above the others. The best way to appreciate this beauty, I think, is at ground level, and I've spent a little time there lately, laying on my sturdy old exercise mat. Besides providing padding, I've been counting on it to keep most of the bugs away (except for the pretty ones that don't think we taste good).

Falcate Orangetip on Johnny-jump-up

I wasn't just there to see the flowers. I'd been lured by an elusive butterfly. On a walk in the woods last week, I saw a male Falcate Orangetip for the first time. Flying at eye level a few yards ahead of me, he stayed over the path like a mechanical rabbit, and I had to pick up my pace to keep up with him. He was small and white with one bright tangerine spot on each wing. The female lacks the orange spot, but both of them have a delicate pattern on the underside of their hind wings. When a female appeared in the brush at the side of the trail, the Orangetip male abandoned me, and it was only then I noticed the single stemmed rose he was carrying.

Falcate Orangetip on violet

I saw their cousins in western Ozark County, about 8 miles from here, and also in our meadow, which is the main reason I was there, with my camera of course. But photographing them has been a challenge. They would speed by, flying erratically, like a house fly on steroids. When I finally saw one alight, it was momentary, on the delicate violet, Johnny-jump-up.

There's a state park in Connecticut called West Rock where people gather every year to see these butterflies. I can understand why they go to view such a sight, but now I can say with certainty, they ain't got nuthin' in Connecticut that we don't have right here in Ozark County, Missouri.

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Linda said...

Beautiful photos! Thank you so much for sharing.

Mersad said...

Wonderful sights of spring. I really like it. Love to see the color green make a return.

Mersad Donko Photography

Karen said...

Really pretty! Hurray for Missouri!

Felicia said...

you captured him perfectly too. beautiful Connie.

Brian King said...

Beautiful! Fantastic colors!

Ida said...

These are so lovely.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Beautiful photographs. Good for you that you have the patience and knowledge. I learned a little something because of you.

carol l mckenna said...

Gorgeous butterfly photos and other lovely photos ~ thanks

Wishing you a fun week ~ thanks ~ ^_^

Rajesh said...

Very beautiful series of images.

Lady Fi said...

So dreamy and gorgeous!

Jeanne said...

You did a great job on capturing this beautiful butterfly. When I am on the ground like that, the butterflies usually end up in another spot. Gotta be quick on these . Lovely!