Friday, July 20, 2018

Wrens and Raspberries

carolina wren singing in basket

This morning, fog obscures the lake and emboldens bucks to venture near the house. When they retreat into the woods, I step outside. In the garden, there's the daily Japanese Beetle battle. They are eating lacy holes in the raspberry leaves, and I dunk 23 of them, still groggy, in alcohol. It's not a job I relish, but I love raspberries. Under the nearby trees is a fallen branch, and I head over to pick it up, dodging dew-laden spider webs like laser beams in Mission Impossible. In the distance, a Carolina Wren sings his aria, and I anticipate the coming days.

carolina wren building nest in basket

For 3 days last week, a pair of wrens were busy constructing a nest in the old fish basket outside our kitchen window. The creole has been home to these birds in the past, in fact, it was originally hung on the front porch pillar in hopes of attracting them, but the last time they nested there was 5 years ago. It's good to have them back.

carolina wrens building nest in basket

For hours, they met each other every few minutes coming and going with twigs and leaves. They would duck into the basket, forming the nest out of sight, and then fly away to gather more nesting materials.

Years ago, I was sitting on the porch when the wrens fledged, and one of the fledglings flew to my lap, to the consternation of its watching parents. These wrens have a rich, beautiful song, but that day they chattered their disapproval until the little one flew away to join its siblings.          

It's been quiet on the porch this week, and I was hoping the birds didn't move on to another nest. My curiosity got the best of me this afternoon and I peeked into the doorway on top of the basket. I think I was as startled as the little bird inside. So, now I'll be waiting patiently. More or less. We can only hope, when the nestlings are hatched and hungry, that they like Japanese beetles. I'm hoping for raspberries, too.


Brian King said...

That's a fantastic place for a nest! Beautiful photos!

Betty Crow said...

Great place for a nest. Love these shots!

Latane Barton said...

They are so busy. I love watching birds busy at work or eating.

A Colorful World said...

Sorry about the Japanese beetles! Some insects can be such a trial when you are a gardener! Love the wrens! Really precious photos.

Rhodesia said...

What stunning photos. I have only seen a wren here once, at least I got a photo of it but wish they would return. Have a good week Diane

Stewart M said...

Wonderful looking birds - do they have a really loud voice for their size?

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne