Saturday, June 11, 2011

High Water

We took a quick trip to St. Louis this week, just an overnighter, and one of my friends there mentioned that she was hoping to see pictures of the high water here.  She was referring to the dramatic rise in Bull Shoals Lake in the past few weeks.  Normal pool for Bull Shoals is 654 feet above sea level, and the top of the dam at Bull Shoals, Arkansas is 695 feet above sea level.  The lake reached that level in 2008, and we thought that was the highest it could go.  We were wrong.  Last month it reached 696.5 feet, a result of the manipulation of flood gates at the dam and the high volume of water pouring into the lake.  

Technicalities aside, this lake is really beautiful when it's high like this.  Water comes up into the trees, and only land that belongs to the government is flooded.   

This is Game Warden Cove, near our place.

Here's the lake from the other side in 2009, at a more normal level.  This information might not be that thrilling for everybody, so, Janet from St. Louis, I hope you get to read it.  As for me, Mission Accomplished.  

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