Thursday, June 9, 2011

Morning Encounter

Barley and I walked early this morning, before full light.  As we walked up the hill on the country road near ours, we heard the snorts of startled deer in the woods, then saw some movement, and in a flash, 2 does had crossed the road very close to us.  Following them was the tiniest fawn, who ran by, a little slower, not more than one yard from where Barley and I stood.  It ran to the edge of the road, and paused in the high weeds, where it turned and looked back at us.  Barley started to walk toward the fawn, but I called to him softly and he stopped where he was.  The 2 of them just stood and looked at each other for a few minutes, then the fawn ran off to join its mama.  I imagine both Barley and the fawn are having interesting dreams tonight.  I know I will. 


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pens and needles said...

What a moment! One you and Barley will remember, I'm sure. Barley is obedient and responsive. How many dogs would have just stood and looked at that baby??