Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fragile Beauty

It's early, and the orange ball in the east does little to warm the frosty air.  After breakfast, Barley and I set out in search of frost flowers, those delicate creations formed when moisture squeezes out of the stems of certain dried weeds and wildflowers, freezing into ribbons of ice, which wrap around the stem.  Last year, we found a patch of them within a mile of the house, and we are hoping to locate them again.

Our path leads down the hill through the woods and then opens into a wide, flat hollow, carved through by a wet weather creek, which today is only a puddle.  As we step out of the woods, the wind catches us by surprise; the cold it brings penetrates to the bone and exhilarates the senses.  Barley feels it too, and he lifts his nose to investigate.

Across the hollow we slip into the woods and follow an ancient roadbed past the sparse remnants of a one room log cabin.  Ahead of us the road is littered with fragile white frost flowers.

The largest of these etherial beauties is about 8 inches tall, and they won't be here long. Before the sun is high, between evaporation and melting, they disappear. But not forever. The moisture will return to the ground in the form of rain and snow, which recharges the plants, and the cycle will begin again.

Textures by Leslie Nicole


missing moments said...

Love the photo of Barley ... love the white frost flowers.

Genie said...

I have never seen anything like these. They are heavenly and so are your captures. Wonderful photography. Genie Thanks for the visit.

Marcie said...

So gently..romantically beautiful!

pens and needles said...

Love the frost flowers that are so fleeting and thus even more beautiful. My father-in-law called it Jack Frost.

lisa said...

I have never seen anything like these Connie. Truly a photographer's dream, and you have captured them so beautifully.
LOVE the photo of Barley too!

Thank you so much for sharing this week at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful day!


Pat said...

Thank you for making me aware of frost flowers! I love your photos of these ephemeral beauties.
What a wonderful companion you have in Barley!

Deanna said...

I have never seen these before, no wonder you go hunting for them. Thank you so much for sharing these beauties with us. And your dog, Barley looks like a wonderful companion in the hunt.

Mary Howell Cromer said...

That/these are just INCREDIBLE!!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Fascinating frosty!
Your rambles are so's a treat to get to come alongside
of you and explore the beauty
of your world:)
love and thanks,

Ellie said...

Hi Connie, I love these, never heard of them before but they are truly beautiful, and what a lovely dog and companion you have there in Barley.
Congratulations on your win, very exciting!!!!

Cathy said...

i had to go look up frost flowers on wikipedia, as i had never heard of them...they are amazing! thank you for sharing, i learned something : )

S. Etole said...

Such an unusual but silken sight.