Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gathering Storm

Click on photo for a larger view.

This isn't a typical Ozark August scene.  Last summer, under the sky's blank blue canvas, arid ground crunched underfoot, and weeds wilted from lack of moisture.  Now the days are enlivened with thunder and lightning and rain pouring from the clouds.

It's said that the Eskimos have a dozen different terms for snow.  We already have a couple for rain: gully-washer and toad-choaker, but if this stretch continues, our vocabulary may sprout a few more.  

Any suggestions?

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Jim said...


Margaret Adamson said...


Sandra said...

I love storms and we have recently had several which have broken the terrible high humidity heat-weave we were experiencing!
I love the reflections in the water on your stormy clouds shot and the way that little part of the hills in the back is illuminated by a patch of blue sky! Beautiful!

Brian King said...

Wow, that's fantastic! Gorgeous colors!

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

just amazing!! enjoy your weekend. ( :

Lisa Gordon said...

This sure is beautiful, Connie, but I also hope that drier weather comes to you soon. It's raining like crazy here today. :-(
Have a fantastic weekend!

Sharon said...

Lovely take Connie.

Here we use terms like: duck-weather, wash-out, tropical down-pour, monsoon, or a regular flood (like a flood could be regular!) :)

More importantly is our reaction to these sudden outbursts of torrential rains. My husband and I have a knack of getting caught in these massive deluges without an umbrella while dressed in good clothes (sigh). We usually wade through the puddles (running is too dangerous and our shoes are already ruined), hanging on to each other, laughing hysterically. I have even been known to squeal. :D

Lui said...

Oh Connie, my brain is quite not there at the moment to think of a name for it.

But your photograph speak volumes. It does not need those words ;-)

eileeninmd said...

Gorgeous landscape scene! Your sky and photo are beautiful! Have a happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cloud formations.

Anonymous said...

I love this picture. The colors are vibrant and the shadows across the countryside are awesome!

We have been getting good rains all summer too. Much nicer than the hot and dry of 2012. Our temperatures are unseasonably cool, great for livestock and us!


Cathy H. said...

Gorgeous scene! I was at Bull Shoals a couple of weeks ago with my daughter and her family. It's such a beautiful area!

Betty Luckhurst said...

Such a wonderful scene! The weather is certainly unpredictable these days. I guess we should just be glad for what we do have. Your sky is reallys moody.

I'm sure more words for 'rain' will come to mind when the rain comes again!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it IS such a beautiful scene at the height of summer... never heard toad choker before... lol! Thanks for sharing on WTS this week!

Jennifer Richardson said...

it looks lush where you are, too.
I've never known a more rainsoaked Summer. It's going to be an interesting (definitely brilliant)
Fall. Thanks for sharing the view
from your part of the world,