Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Small Creatures

These larkspur were photographed after they were pressed and arranged.  
I painted in the hummingbirds, did some lettering,
 and used Kim Klassen's water stained frame texture.  
Thanks, Kim!


pens and needles said...

Lovely, Connie....I LOVE blue!

S. Etole said...

what a creative piece of artwork!

twice as nice said...

Hiya Connie,
Somehow your intermediate non-virtual/real step, of pressing the flowers, really cheers me up. I love to make and/or see a genuine hands-on part in texture editing.
And then the rel handpainting of the kolibris as well.
All in all a lovely edit.
I have to brace myself for the verif word: it is longer than this comment.

Jennifer Richardson said...

such sweet awesomeness....I love
the way you mixed and swirled
different media to create this
So clever:)
beautiful share....thanks.

erin said...

oh how beautiful and creative!! love it! you are very talented.


Anonymous said...

so lovely and creative!

Pat said...

What a lovely, artistic creation!