Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Passion Flower

My friend, Susan, told me the other day that she had some passion flowers growing at her place, and I asked if she would pick one for me to photograph.  She and her husband showed up that evening with a whole bucketful.  "It's hard to pick just one", she said, and a glance at the tangle of intertwining tendrils confirmed what she said.

One of the flowers started opening yesterday morning, like purple and white spaghetti spilling out of its green package, and by afternoon every strand had escaped.  The flower culminates in a fruit, soft and green, similar in size and shape to a small lime.  When ripe, it turns dark yellow and brown, and has a sweet, edible pulp.

The first time I saw a passion flower, I was astonished by its intricate beauty, and I imagined that I had made a discovery that would soon make headlines in the botanical world.  As it turns out, they grow wild here, and no matter how many of them I have seen, they continue to amaze me.

He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed,

 Miracles that cannot be counted...

Job 5:9



lisa said...

The detail in these photographs is just fantastic Connie, especially the first one. Magnificent job on these!

Thank you so much for sharing at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening!


Jeanne said...

Lovely post of the passion flowers! Aren't they amazing, and when you see this kind of creativity.... can't help being in awe of the God who created all of this diversity! Jeanne

hannah said...

I thought they only grew wild in Paradise. That where you live ? :-)
Very nice to see the three stages. The full flower is indeed a miracle. Lovely background fading away into that gree dream.

Pat said...

These are beautiful photos, Connie! Hard to believe this lovely flower grows wild.

Kia said...

Gorgeous passion flower! I have never seen one "in real life" (only photos), it must be so beautiful :)
Thanks for sharing!

Sivinden said...

Exquisite pictures! - lovely textures and bokeh.

Deanna said...

I think passion flowers are so astonishing and your capture of the bud is beautiful!!

Lisa said...

Fascinating flowers and lovely photos!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Oh Yes He does!
Such a clever, creative genius is
the Love that stuns me
with His own passion:)
"purple and white spaghetti", indeed!
So beautiful....wonderful share.

Misty said...

These are so pretty! Visiting from The Creative Exchange.

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